Control of the oil production process

Technology at the service of quality. This phrase sums up a large part of our philosophy.

The control and quality work is extremely important in a large-consumption industry such as oil.

At FFaiges we monitor the entire oil production process, from the harvesting of our olives to the proper extraction, refining, packaging and processing of our waste.

As a result of the above process, we’re able to complete the production cycle while guaranteeing the highest quality, because, during each stage of the olive’s transformation, we abide by meticulous controls to ensure that the appropriate flavour and colour of each product reaches the consumers.

To achieve the above, thorough physical, chemical and organoleptic analyses of the raw materials and finished products are conducted on a constant basis in the laboratories of each of our plants, in strict compliance with the Spanish and international regulations and our customers’ demands.

Laboratorios de control de calidad de los aceites FFaiges

Our farms

Our olive groves are divided into traditional and intensive farms to produce different varieties of virgin and extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality.

The main varieties of olives that supply our oil mills are arbequina, empeltre, cornicabra, picual, picuda, hojiblanca and the local sevillenca, morruda and farga varieties. The olives are picked directly from the trees to preserve their characteristics and prevent any deterioration during the harvesting process.


FFaiges endorses its quality standards with certificates such as the BRC and the IFS, which are always available to customers. These results have led to our company earning their full trust.


Throughout the production process we’re accompanied by our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Examples of the above include the by-product treatment process and the use of the biomass that we produce for power generation.