FFaiges exports to over 70 countries

The range of products of the FFaiges business group is distributed both at home and abroad. The most mature markets in Europe are among our main customers in the bulk and white label segments, although we’ve expanded with our brands to countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. We also have a major presence in New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China and India and we’ve recently entered the Arab markets.

The international vocation of FFaiges forms part of its DNA, as our group has spent more than 170 years promoting the Mediterranean diet.

FFaiges exports half its turnover to over 70 countries.

Mapa de mercados de distribución de aceites FFaiges

Where to find us

You can find our olive oils on any supermarket shelf in our country, as well as in the Abaco online store at: https://www.aceiteabaco.com/tienda

Commercial contact

If you’re interested in our products for the sale of olive oils in hypermarkets or supermarkets or via independent channels, you can contact us at marketing@faiges.com and one of our sales representatives will get in touch.