About us

FFaiges is a family-run company founded by Francisco Faiges Ribas which, since its outset, has built up a long history linked to oil and the land.

At our head offices located in Tortosa (Tarragona), three generations of the Faiges family have devoted their energies to producing, packaging, marketing and exporting olive oil. We began with small olive groves and marketed the oil locally with the opening of the first Aceites Faiges SA warehouse but moved on to become one of the leading companies in the sector.

Our background in the olive sector enabled us to purchase prestigious brands and build new facilities to meet the needs of the domestic and international markets.

During the first phase, founder Francisco Faiges acquired companies such as Fernando Autran (1860) and Aceites BAU (1842) in 1970. Later, in 1980, he purchased Abaco (1840) on the occasion of the introduction of the second generation into the company, which established itself as a leading brand. Abaco was the first brand in the sector in Spain to bottle labelled olive oil. The purchases of these firms gave a century-old flavour to our business group.

A number of years later, the company decided to complete its industrial development by setting up the plant in Daimiel (Ciudad Real) in 2007, including new facilities with the latest packaging-related industrial and technological advances, together with the plant in Los Navalmorales (Toledo) in 2015 and the mill in Roquetes (Tarragona) in 2018, thus completing the cycle from the olive to the table.